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  • Everything You Need to Know about the Preferred Pyroscope


Everything You Need to Know about the Preferred Pyroscope

When a submariner peaks into a periscope, it allows him  to survey his surroundings for potential dangers. When an engineer peers into a pyroscope, it allows him to inspect his boiler for potential combustion problems.

For frequent visitors to our site, you might have noticed a few changes. First off, we changed our look and we started a blog: The Preferred Pyroscope. Dedicated to serve as the go-to place for industry information,  we have one goal in mind by starting this blog: we want to help combustion engineers make informed decisions.

What should I expect?

If I were you, I would bookmark this page right now. We will use this blog as a spot for news, announcements, case studies, white papers, Q&A for users in our industry, and as a general source for expert information. This will be the best place to go for discussions on mission critical systems, combustion engineering, instrumentation, fuel oil handling and more. Plus, you can keep up with what we are doing. Did you see our post about our upcoming involvement with the 2014 AHR Expo?

What does our mission statement mean: Helping combustion engineers make informed decisions?

We want to help you, the engineers, make informed decisions. Whether that is giving you a deeper background into our products, insight into the industry, white papers, Q&A’s, or case studies, we want to help you be successful!

I will also be posting my thoughts on what’s happening in the industry, and I hope that this will provoke others to share their thoughts. After all, that’s what makes this industry such an exciting one to be a part of—and we value your opinion.

Who is behind this blog?
My name is Justin O’Donnell and I am the Marketing Manager at Preferred Utilities. I am based out of Danbury, CT and am a graduate of Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, FL.

While I will be assisted by my coworkers with Q&A’s and bringing the experts in our industry to the forefront of conversation, I will be managing the day-to-day activities of the blog. Please feel free to leave comments and questions. We will be regularly monitoring it!

Did you know creating a connection with a company creates a better experience for you as the consumer? We invite you to make a resolution this year to stay connected with Preferred Utilities. Join in the conversation on our blog, follow us on Twitter, sign up for our newsletter, friend us on Facebook, find us on LinkedIn and YouTube.  

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