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PCC-IV Digital Loop Controller

Application | New Features & Benefits | Upgrading Ease - Quick Steps

The PCC-IV Digital Multiple Loop Controller, the upgrade for the PCC-III, is a boiler or multiple loop process controller. The PCC-IV has been designed to seamlessly replace the PCC-III in hardware and software designs, with upgraded technology and increased longevity.

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PCC-IV begin
PCC-IV begin

  • Application

The PCC-IV upgraded digital multiple loop controller is a powerful, expandable process controller that can be function block programmed for a variety of applications. Preferred offers the PCC-IV pre-configured for the following applications.

  • Plant master controller
  • Plant master controller with 3 boiler lead/lag control
  • Boiler master (jackshaft control)
  • Boiler master (jackshaft control plus oxygen trim)
  • Boiler master (parallel positioning)
  • Boiler master (parallel positioning plus oxygen trim)
  • Boiler master (full metering combustion control)
  • Boiler master (full metering with oxygen trim)

Custom configurations are also available. 

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  • New Features & Benefits

Designed with the intent to seamlessly replace the PCC-III, the PCC-IV upgrade fulfills everything its predecessor did with additions. The most notable PCC-IV features include:

  • Dual Modbus Ethernet ports
  • Touchscreen
  • USB programming ports
  • Larger Blockware memory (new installations)
  • Modern processor, large memory
  • SD card for easy field firmware upgrades
  • New retentive memory doesn’t wear out (40-50 years)
  • 100% compatible with any existing OIT, SCADA, BAS systems with NO Modbus changes required
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  • Upgrading Ease - Quick Steps
  • Use PC3_Edit to extract the program from the PCC-III
  • Use PC4_Draw To auto convert the PCC-III file to PCC-IV format
  • Key in the PB & LED text, and Modbus setup into PC4_Draw/Edit
  • Un-plug the field wiring connectors
  • Remove the PCC-III Door and CPU board
  • Remove any option boards from the PCC-III
  • Install the option boards on the PCC-IV board
  • Install the new 24Vdc power supply in the panel & run the wire to the PCC-III/PCC-IV case
  • Install in the existing case
  • Power-up and load PCC-IV Blockware via USB cable

For more detailed upgrade installation instructions, see the Quick Start Guide.  

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