Our Company

Reducing emissions and increasing efficiency for a sustainable future

 With over 100 years of industry history to draw from, Preferred is uniquely positioned to partner with you to reduce your emissions and increase your efficiencies to meet the sustainability targets of the future. Our expertise ranges from fuel oil handling systems and components, boiler instrumentation and controllers, cutting-edge remote monitoring systems,  low- and ultra low-NOx burners, renewable and bio-fuel burners, specialty combustion applications like waste fuel, and nuclear power plant outage reduction tools and components. 

We apply continuous research and development which lets us equip you with new and innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the modern world. Our products and custom-engineered solutions have been applied to a wide variety of applications, including economic retrofits for residential housing projects, redundancy solutions for mission-critical facilities like hospitals and data centers, emissions reductions for forward-thinking educational centers and institutions, as well as energy and electrical efficiency applications for boiler rooms all across the world. We support all of this with a robust field service organization dedicated to the success of your business, application, and mission.

We're confident that by partnering together, we can deliver the right people, products, and results to help you make the world a better place.


Our History: 100 Years of Dauntless Innovation

Founded in 1920, Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation has served the industry for over one hundred years. We started first as a fuel oil handling company, where we researched, designed, and patented a variety of equipment ranging from anti-siphon valves to oil heaters to seat warmers for Sherman tanks World War II. We keep the sailboat for our logo because we are especially proud of our legacy outfitting heavy ocean liners with fuel equipment during the war.

Building on that legacy, we broke into new markets by innovating and acquiring new technologies, which let us continuously deliver cutting-edge products like instruments and controls systems, monitoring systems, wide-ranging burner applications, mission-critical redundancy systems, nuclear powerplant components, emissions reduction solutions, and renewable fuels.

Now, with the winds of one-hundred-years in our sails, we are dauntlessly carrying our legacy forward, propelling us bravely into the unknown challenges of tomorrow.