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FlexFit Linkageless Controller
The FlexFit solution is a less costly, less time-consuming retrofit from jackshaft (linkage) to modern parallel positioning (linkageless) controls in your boiler room. Up-to-date technology with automatic adjustment and remote monitoring options make energy waste, emergency service and costly fixes a thing of the past.

PCC-III Digital Loop Controller
Model PCC-III, Multiple Loop Controller - Large I/O quantity, integral oxygen sensor, highly visible front panel, intuitive “Blockware”, redundant memories, 4-20 mADC input and outputs, 120 VAC discrete contact inputs, isolated relay outputs, 24 VDC transmitter power supply, the ability to control electric positioners directly and built-in industry standard communications allows the PCC-III to be integrated into complex systems with a minimum number of external components.

PCC-IV Digital Loop Controller
The PCC-IV is a complete control solution for individual boilers or multiple control loops. This upgraded version can do everything the PCC-III did, and more.

Plant Wide Controller (PWC)
Model PWC, Plant Wide Controller - Standard applications for boiler modulating lead/lag, cooling towers and air compressors can be expanded to include additional monitoring or control additional pumps, variable speed drives and valves.