BI-02: Boiler Instruments Commissioning

Duration:               2 Days
Capacity:               8 Students
Pre-requisites:       None
Things to Bring:    None
Cost per Person:   $200

Class Description:
This class provides basic product training for the JC-22D Draft Controller, JC-30D Flue Gas Opacity Monitor, JC-15D Flue Gas Temperature Monitor, and the PCC-III Based Oxygen Trim with Model LTA, Link Trim Actuator. Class material includes boiler operation principles that are relevant to instrument installation and operation. Hands-on training exercises will cover installation, wiring and commissioning requirements. Miscellaneous field equipment, such as "Smart" and analog transmitters and electric and pneumatic actuators, calibration and wiring will also be discussed.

Class Dates


Preferred Utilities MFG Corp
31-35 South Street
Danbury, CT 06810