FO-01: Fuel Oil Handling Systems – Design, Installation and Start-up

Duration:               2 Days
Capacity:               10 Students
Pre-requisites:       None
Things to Bring:    None
Cost per Person:   $200

Class Description:
The class provides training for Preferred Utilities pump sets, D4 Tank Gauge and fuel oil system components. Basic design considerations and “Rules of Thumb” for fuel oil systems are discussed to provide the knowledge base required for successful system troubleshooting. “Hands-On” training exercises will cover installation, wiring, PWC operation and programming and other commissioning requirements. The student will learn to calculate system suction and supply pressures and to properly size the required piping. This year we have added an advanced maintenance and troubleshooting to this class.

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Preferred Utilities MFG Corp
31-35 South Street
Danbury, CT 06810