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PUMC Headquarters

Founded in 1920, Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation started as a group of oil heating engineers looking to sell fuel oil accessories in the greater New England area. Once World War II concluded, the Preferred established its Danbury headquarters in 1946. The Danbury headquarters became the company’s primary manufacturing plant—a position it still maintains to this day.

Four of the five major divisions of Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation use the Danbury headquarters as their base of operations. These divisions include Preferred Utilities (fuel oil handling), Preferred Instruments (controls and instruments), Preferred Engineering (nuclear support), W.N. Best Combustion (burners), and Preferred Services (field service).

The Danbury headquarters acts as the hub of the company. Many of Preferred’s consulting engineers, welders, technicians, accountants, customer service representatives, salesmen, and other employees call this location their home.

The building went under renovation in January 2013 to replace thousands of window panes that had been in use since the World War II era.