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The RMA Process

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From time to time a part that has been damaged or is no longer working may have to be sent back to the factory for evaluation/repair. If an instance like this comes up you should contact our technical support department to make sure all of the nescessary troubleshooting steps have been taken prior to obtaining an return material authorization number (RMA Number).

Steps to Troubleshoot

Once you contact the technical support department you should have the products model name and serial number as well as the original sales order of the job. The technical support department will then help you troubleshoot your system. If it is deemed that the product needs to return under an RMA the technical support department will create a tech support ticket and email a copy to you.

After you have recieved the tech support ticket you will need to call our RMA Department and fill out the RMA form based on the tech support ticket and submit the RMA form for review. It is important that you do not send back any parts until you receive the approved RMA confirmation number for our RMA department.


After the RMA Form has been been recieved and approved you will get an RMA confirmation number back.

At this point if you are shipping the item back you will need to leave a printed copy of the completed RMA form in the shipping container and clearly write the RMA number on the outside of the box.

If you are hand delivering the item to the factory you will need to bring the completed RMA Form with you. Upon arrival you must contact the RMA Receiving Department who will be recieving your part. This will help prevent the chance of any items being lost or not received upon return. Preferred can not be held responsible for lost or missing items if there is failure to follow this policy.