Galaxy Burner

Ultra Low NOx without the Hassle

The Galaxy burner line is based on the principle of “lean premix combustion.” It is capable of achieving ultra low NOx emissions without the use of FGR. This burner, that operates without a fiber metal mesh head or wasteful air filters, and reduces up to 60% electric consumption, is dual fuel, and can switch between gas and oil firing in less than 3 minutes.

Capacity – 2MMBTUH – 15 MMBTUH

Fuel – Natural Gas and #2 Oil

NOx Levels – 5 PPM for Natural Gas without FGR

Turndown – 6:1 for Natural Gas; 6:1 for #2 oil

Recommended Boiler Type – Firetube, Flextube, Firebox, Cast Iron Sectional

Recommended Uses (commercial or industrial) – Commercial and Industrial

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Fuel Variety: No. 2 utilizing pressure atomization and/or natural gas. Quick-change dual fuel capabilities.

Advanced Design: No need for air filters. Air filters add to the operation costs. The gradual clogging of air filters leads to less excess air, which leads to higher NOx emissions. A burner using metal fiber mesh may not be in compliance in terms of NOx emissions between air filter changes if the burner is not equipped with oxygen trim control. The Galaxy does not need air filters.  

High Efficiency: reduces electric consumption up to 60%.

Low Emissions: Natural Gas: Sub 9 ppm NOx.


Specification: Single burner: firetube, firebox (cast iron sectional), watertube boilers, or HTHW generators.

Fuel: No. 2 through No. 6 fuel oil, and/or natural gas (consult factory for biomass or waste fuels).

NOx Emissions: Natural gas: less than 9 ppmc. No. 2 fuel oil: less than 90 ppmc (maximum 0.01% FBN) without FGR. No. 6 fuel oil: less than 250 ppmc (maximum 0.30% FBN) without FGR.

Burner Efficiency: Natural gas: as low as 30 ppmc without FGR. No. 2 fuel oil: less than 90 ppmc (maximum 0.01% FBN) without FGR. No. 6 fuel oil: less than 250 ppmc (maximum 0.30% FBN) without FGR.

Operation: Turndown is typically between 6:1 and 9:1 depending on NOx requirement; higher turndown is possible. Burners using fiber metal mesh typically have 3:1 TD.  

Supply Pressures: UL Listed for 25 to 300 BHP.

Additional Options: Burner head constructed out of stainless steel. Metal fiber heads often suffer failures due to clogging, overheating, and/or seam splitting.



Recommended Boiler Type- Firetube

Recommended Uses – Commercial or Industrial


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