Ranger Ultra-Low NOx Combustion System

Two Designs — One Solution

The Ranger Ultra-Low NOx Combustion System is a sub-9 ppm burner platform capable of firing dual fuels. The Ranger achieves 10:1 turndown on natural gas and 8:1 turndown on oil with less than 3% oxygen.

Capacity – 4 MMBTUH – 120 MMBTUH

Fuel – Natural gas, #2 - #6 Oil, specialty fuels

NOx Levels – 9 PPM for Natural Gas

Turndown – 10:1 for Natural Gas; 8:1 for #2 oil

Recommended Boiler Type – Firetube, Flextube, Firebox, Cast Iron Sectional, Watertube

Recommended Uses – Commercial or Industrial

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Fuel Variety: Capable of firing natural gas, light oil, heavy oil, digester gas, ethanol, and more, the Ranger offers a wide range of fuel burning capability.

Advanced Design: Our engineers specifically designed this burner to eliminate field errors, reduce space requirements, and facilitate maintenance when needed.

Model Options:  Two models are available: Ranger RF is designed for larger capacities and allows for the fan to be placed remotely; the Ranger AF is designed for smaller applications and ease of maintenance.

High Efficiency: The Ranger incorporates VFD for control of FD fan speed, resulting in significant electrical reductions, regardless of the type of fuel burned.

Low Emissions: Natural Gas: Sub 9 ppmc NOx


Specification: Single burner: firetube, firebox (cast iron sectional), watertube boilers, or HTHW generators.

Fuel: No. 2 through No. 6 fuel oil, and/or natural gas (consult factory for biomass or waste fuels).

NOx Emissions: Natural gas: less than 9 ppmc. No. 2 fuel oil: less than 90 ppmc (maximum 0.01% FBN) without FGR. No. 6 fuel oil: less than 250 ppmc (maximum 0.30% FBN) without FGR.

Burner Efficiency: Any fuel: 1.5 - 2.5% excess oxygen 50 - 100% firing rate (exclusive of “tramp” air) VFD motor control for maximum electrical efficiency of combustion air. Less than 4% excess oxygen below 50% firing rate down to 10% firing rate.

Operation: Turndown: 10:1 on gas firing; 8:1 on oil firing.

Supply Pressures: The Ranger burner accommodates a wide variety of combustion applications and fuels. Specific information relating to fuels intended to be used, as well as pressures and temperatures, must be provided.

Burner Control & Monitoring: Parallel/full metering firing rate control: any Preferred controller. Oxygen sensor: Model “ZP” In-Situ sensor, reliable zirconia oxide detector. Monitoring: SCADA/Flex remote monitoring and control system. Instruments: Standard and optional equipment available.

Additional Options: Draft control, drum level control, low fire fuel changeover, dual/redundant flame scanning, smoke opacity monitoring and alarm, atomizer post purge capability, flue gas temperature indication alarm, emergency boiler shutdown.


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