Molten Sulfuric  Burner

 The Problem 

The burning of sulfur in the air to make sulfuric acid from the resulting sulfur dioxide is an old process.  Controlling the combustion at a uniform burning rate and a constant gas strength is highly desirable.  The key to uniform, high-quality acid product and lower production costs is the burning equipment.

 Our Solution 

Sulfur is preheated and then delivered to the burner as a liquid at a maintained temperature of 270° F. The Preferred atomizer breaks this liquid into microscopic droplets which burn in suspension in a refractory lined furnace. Aside from a controlled supply of clean dry air, combustion is entirely self-supporting; no supplementary fuel is required. The process generates an appreciable amount of heat which in turn is recovered by passing the hot gas through a waste heat boiler to supply plant steam.

Designs Advantages

  • Larger orifices in the nozzle decrease susceptibility to clogging
  • Does not require steam keeping moisture out of the furnace and reducing the possibility of  sulfuric acid formation on the heat transfer surfaces
  • Compact flame which permits reductions in furnace size with resultant savings in both initial cost and in furnace maintenance expense