Sewage Plant Atomizer

 The Problem 

Waste product skimmings, or floatable wastes composed principally of oils, fats and greases containing a high percentage of water together with rags, plastics, and rubber present a vexing problem in the operation of sewage treatment plants. They upset biological processes. Open pit burning creates serious air pollution problems. Lagoons and land-fill contribute to ground water contamination.

 Our Solution 

Skimmings are burned as a fuel rather than as a waste material. Utilizing experience acquired during the past sixty years Preferred developed a special clog free combustor capable of handling solids as large as 3/8” in diameter. Incorporating a unique continuous purge cleaning system this combustor uses centrifugal force to achieve micron-size particulate distribution. Counter flowing air, furnished by built-in fans, produces high turbulence and mixing so that combustion proceeds smoothly and completely. This waste skimmings combustor may be mounted directly on either a new or existing multiple hearth incinerator to provide clean combustion and a controlled input of supplemental heat. The versatile design makes it adaptable to its own incinerator, with or without waste heat recovery capability. Normally there is no need for supplementary fuel. Once the incinerator has reached operating temperature, the heat in the waste sustains combustion. A packaged preparation set is furnished as a part of the overall system. This set automatically functions to pump, preheat and meter the flow of the waste to the atomizer and to deliver supplementary fuel if and as it may be required. A Preferred Instruments control system, complete with first-out annunciation display and optional SCADA automatically programs the operation and provides constant safety monitoring.

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Sewage Plant Atomizer