Green Hydrogen

High Performance to Meet Your Specifications

Green hydrogen is formed purely from electrolysis, where water is “split” into its component molecules, isolating the hydrogen and leaving only O2 as a byproduct. Given its simplistic production and indefinite sustainability, green hydrogen has proven to be 3 times as powerful as current fossil fuels and used most commonly in large scale production or manufacturing applications which would normally be high carbon expenders. However, hydrogen usage is finding its way into other, smaller scale applications to meet sustainability targets and receive financial incentives. Key features include: 

  • Can produce up to 3 times as much energy as fossil fuels 
  • Renewable
  • Little to no carbon emissions
  • Overview and Features
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Overview and Features

Green hydrogen, a fuel created using renewable energy excess and replacing its “grey” and “blue” iterations, has proven itself to be a valuable asset in diversifying the range of combustion equipment, transportation, energy-extensive industries, and manufacturing as a whole.


The Challenge

highly flammable

complicated transportation/ containment process

Blending hydrogen with natural gas for a consistent burner flame. 


Our Solution

Blending of Hydrogen with Natural gas fired with our Hydrogen burner so that your combustion system will be reliable and will fire every time.