BurnerMate Programmable Logic Controller (BMPLC)

The BurnerMate Programmable Logic Controller (BMPLC) control system gives you full control over your boiler. The standard programs allow the BMPLC to be delivered with a short lead time.

This product executes the same strategy used in our loop-controllers, but uses industry-proven products from Allen-Bradley.

Use programs for retrofit or new boiler systems. With simple controls, learning how to operate this combustion system is simple. 

  • Fast Delivery
  • Quick Commissioning
  • Simple Controls
  • Multiple Configurations Available
  • UL Labled 508A

  • Overview and Features
  • Documents
Overview and Features

Provide pre-engineered solutions for new and retrofitted boilers. These products execute the same strategies used in our loop-controllers but use industry-proven products from Allen-Bradley.

  • UL Labeled 508A
  • NEMA 4 enclosure built to withstand rigorous work environments
  • Fully-featured with intuitive color touchscreens
  • Detailed diagnostics make boiler operations visible, and more efficient.
  • Pre-built and tested cabinets with "standard configurations" allow for immediate delivery.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Control Cabinet Features

  • NEMA 4 wall-mounted steel enclosure
  • Allen-Bradley Compactlogix Processor and I/O
  • Allen-Bradley 12.5” color touchscreen interface
  • Communication via Ethernet/IP standard
  • UL-508A panel fabrication

GAS OR OIL FIRING: All input, outputs, and programming included for boilers that fire gas, oil, or both. If only one fuel is available at commissioning, the second fuel can be added anytime in the future without reprogramming.

PARALLELPOSITIONING OR FULLY METERED: Fully Metered systems can be switched to Parallel Positioning in the event a transmitter needs to be taken out of service.

OXYGEN TRIM: Oxygen trim reduces the amount of excess air going through the combustion chamber thereby increasing the fuel savings

Burner Management Features

  • Microprocessor controller, U.L. 372 recognized safety device for single burner boiler applications
  • Capable of accepting inputs from one or two flame detectors without external circuitry or amplifiers. Installing two scanners increases burner availability and reduces nuisance trips.
  • Compatible with ultraviolet, infrared, self-checking ultraviolet, and flame rod detectors without needing to change the flame amplifier. Our controller has built-in flame amplifiers
  • Twenty-two input, expanded annunciator: custom messages give operator specific information regarding lockouts and alarms

VFD WITH BYPASS CONTROL: The system holds combustion curves for both fuels. Each fuel has two sets of curves; one for the forced draft fan running with a VFD, and one set running at full speed (VFD bypassed). A speedcontrolled fan will use less power than a full speed fan thereby increasing electrical savings.

3-ELEMENT DRUM LEVEL: This strategy will automatically switch to two or single element based firing rate and transmitter availability.

FLUE GAS RECIRCULATION: The FGR valve position is included in all curves. The FGR valve will wait to modulate until the flue gas is warm.

DRAFT CONTROL: Enhances stability and control for boilers with tall stacks. Reduces stack losses thereby increasing thermal efficiency


 BMPLC Brochure