Flexible System Controller

The FSC-120 is a general purpose programmable logic controller that is programmed with Function Block logic. A single FSC can be used to control a
process, or multiple FSC’s can be networked together for coordinated distributed control.


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The most common application of the FSC is to monitor and control emergency
generator fuel oil supply pumping and storage systems.
Applications include:

  • Duplex transfer pumping skids
  • Day tank level control
  • Distribution piping Leak Detection
  • Multiple Main Tank motorized selector valve control
  • Main Tank filtration, water separation, and chemical injection
  • Tank truck off-loading pumps
  • Boiler burner oil pumping skids

Instruction Manual Scope:
This manual describes the FSC-120 controller hardware.
The application specific control logic is described elsewhere.
The FSC_Draw personal computer based logic creation/editing software
is described elsewhere.


Flexible System Controller (FSC) Specification

Flexible System Controller (FSC) Cutsheet