Quanta Flame 5004-890 Flame Safeguard Controller

Direct Replacement for Honeywell RA890

The Quanta-Flame 5004-890 is a state-of-the-art flame safeguard controller designed for single burner applications. The controller sequences the burner through Ignition, Pilot Trial for Ignition, and Main Flame Trial for Ignition. The 5004-890 controller is a direct replacement for most Honeywell RA890 controls* . It operates with the existing Q270 wiring base, C7027A UV scanner or flame rod. * Quanta-Flame 5004-890 is not compatible with RA890F/G Standing Pilot controls.

  • Direct Replacement for most Honeywell RA890 Controls
  • Optional Plug-in Diagnostic Display
  • Microcomputer Burner Control
  • Standard Relay Alarm Contact
  • Pilot Test Mode
  • Selectable Trial for Ignition times (3, 5, 10, or 15)
  • Selectable Interrupted or Intermittent Pilot
  • Selectable Recycle or Non-Recycle modes
  • Every Unit Interfaces to Ultraviolet or Flame Rod Sensors
  • Overview and Features
  • Application
  • Specifications
  • Documents
Overview and Features

The 5004-890 replaces the following models of Honeywell controls:

  • RA890F-1288, RA890G-1260, RA890F-1031, RA890G-1047, RA890F-1056, RA890G-1062, RA890F-1072, RA890G-1112, RA890G-1120, RA890G-1179, RA890G-1187, RA890F-1262, RA890F-1437, RA890F-1510

Controller Functions: The controller sequences the burner through Purge, Ignition, Pilot, and Main Flame. It monitors the burner flame and running interlocks to safely shut down the burner in the event of an unsafe operating condition. Features include:

Functional Summary

Recycle Mode: When selected, the control will recycle the burner through Purge and startup when the main burner has shutdown with a Flame Failure alarm. The recycling of the burner will only occur after the main burner has been in operation. There is no recycle on Pilot Flame Failure.

Pilot Turndown Test Mode: Permits the pilot to ignite and remain burning regardless if Interrupted or Intermittent Pilot has been selected. The main burner will not be ignited as long as the control is in this mode. This permits the service technician to adjust and inspect the pilot flame.

Interrupted Pilot: The pilot will ignite and be turned off 10 seconds after the main burner valve is opened

Intermittent (non-interrupted) Pilot: The pilot will ignite and remain lit for the entire duration of the main burner run cycle

Pilot Verification Feature: The ignitor will be de-energized 5 seconds before the main valve is energized to ensure the pilot flame is stable before lighting the main burner


False Flame Indication: If the control senses a flame out of the proper sequence, the sequence will stop and wait for 30 seconds for the False Flame signal to disappear. During this time the Flame Fail light and the Alarm light will blink on and off. If the signal disappears the lights will cease blinking and the sequence will continue. If the false flame signal is present for more than 30 seconds the lights will stay on and stop blinking and the control will go into lockout .

Flame Signal Analog Meter Jacks: Two test probe inputs are located on the front of the control. By inserting the meter probes from a high impedance (100k ohm/volt) DC volt meter the control will indicate the relative flame signal level in the range of 0 to 5 VDC.

Control Reset: When the control enters a Lockout condition the red Alarm light will light and begin blinking. To reset the control press the Reset button on the front of the control. The control will not reset on power interruption. Lockout conditions for the control are: 

  1. Flame Failure
  2. False Flame Present for More Than 30 Seconds
  3. Relay Failure and Internal Fault

Optional Panel-Mounted Display: The optional 5004-216RN display is a panel-mounted display for the 5004 Series Quanta-Flame Controls. It mounts in a control panel through a 1/8 DIN mounting hole and is secured with the included mounting clips. During operation the display will indicate each step in the control sequence. When the main burner is in the run mode the flame signal level will be indicated in a range of 0 to 5 VDC. The display constantly refreshes itself with new information from the control. This refreshing is indicated by the slight periodic blink of the messages. During the Trial for Ignition period the display may show a blank line across the top row. This indicates the presence of an electrical noise field generated by the ignition circuit. This in no way affects the display or the control. The display will revert to the proper message when the electrical noise ends.


The 5004-890 Flame Safeguard Controller is designed to directly replace the Honeywell RA890 F&G Controls. This controller sequences the burner through Ignition, Pilot Trial for Ignition, and Main Flame Trial for Ignition. The primary difference between the 5004-890 and the 5004-795 controller is the 890 series’ lack of blower motor terminals. The 5004-890 controller monitors the burner flame and running interlocks, shutting down the burner in the event of flame failure. The DIP switch selectable TFI Built-in Amplifier will accept UV or flame rod (Jumper selectable).

  • No re-wiring required when replacing an RA890 controller
  • Operates with existing UV sensors and flame rods
  • 5004-890A model resets automatically when power is restored to the controller after an interruption
  • 5004-890S model supports a standing pilot (Pilot remains on continuously)


Enclosure: 5” H by 5” W by 1 3/4” D

Shipping Weight: 2 lbs

Area Classification: NEMA 1

Temperature Range: 0° F to +140° F (-40° C to +60° C)


Voltage: 120 VAC 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: 2 VA

Load Ratings (pilot & main): 10 A (1/4 HP inductive) 

Total Connected Load: 15 A (1800 VA)

Alarm Contact: 230 VAC, 2 A maximum

Display Specifications (Model 5004-216RN)


Enclosure: 1¾” H by 3½” L by 3” D (1/8th DIN)

Area Classification: NEMA Type 4 Membrane Front

Electrical Supply: 120 VAC 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 2 VA

Output: Relay reset contact (15 A), communication cable to 5004 control


Temperature: 0° F to 140° F (-20° C to +60° C)


5004-890 Flame Safeguard Specification

5004-890 Flame Safeguard Quick Start Guide

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5004-890 Flame Safeguard Schematic