Quanta Flame 5004-M-110 Flame Safeguard Controller

The 5004-M-110 flame safeguard is a direct replacement for most E-110 flame safeguard controllers. It is specifically designed to mount into existing 60-1386-2 and 60-1466-2 wiring sub bases. 

The 5004-M-110 control includes an integrated program module and flame sensor amplifier. Scanner type, purge, and trial for ignition timing are made via dipswitches or jumper selections.

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Overview and Features

The Quanta-Flame 5004-M-110 controller is a state-ofthe-art microcomputer based Burner Management System designed for a single burner boiler or process heat application. An LCD display provides real-time diagnostic and status messages for the operator. Unlike other flame safeguard controllers that require a variety of modules to make a complete system (programmers, flame amplifiers, displays, etc.) the Preferred Quanta-Flame 5004-M-110 has just one processor with a built-in universal amplifier that accepts UV, IR and Flame Rod inputs

The 5004-M-110 mounts directly into an existing 60- 1466-2 or 60-1386-2 wiring sub-base. The 5004-M-110 interfaces to the annunciator QA 5004- 85 when additional annunciation is required. Existing flame sensors and scanners can be reused. An auxiliary connector is used for interface with Modbus communication or to provide a remote reset function.


5004-M-110 Flame Safeguard Cutsheet

5004-M-110 Replacement Flame Safeguard Manual

5004-M-110 Flame Safeguard Controller