Quanta Flame 5004-01 UV Scanner

The 5004-01-scanner is an Ultraviolet (UV) Sensor for Monitoring Gas or Oil Flames - Scanners are recommended for detecting flames from standard fuel gases, some waste gases and light oil fuels such as No. 2 oil.

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Overview and Features

The 5004-01-scanner is an ultraviolet (UV) sensor for monitoring gas or oil flames. The Quanta-Flame flame safeguard checks the scanner for proper operation at the beginning and end of each flame cycle. It comes with a 6 foot shielded flexible cable with a military style connector, which plugs into the scanner base for quick and easy servicing. The UV tube is made of quartz and is filled with a gas that ionizes when struck by UV radiation from the flame. In the absence of UV radiation, the gas acts as an insulator between two electrodes, which are mounted inside the tube. A high voltage energizes these electrodes continuously. During combustion, UV radiation ionizes the gas, causing current pulses to flow between the electrodes. These current pulses result in a flame signal, which is transmitted to the amplifier in the control, where it is processed to energize or hold in the flame relay.


UV scanners are recommended for detecting flames from standard fuel gases, some waste gases and light oil fuels such as No. 2 oil. Flames from heavier oils can be detected with UV scanners but the unburned fuel shroud and/or atomization shroud can block passage of the UV from the flame zone to the UV tube, causing nuisance burner/boiler trips. Infrared detection is recommended for fuel oil heavier than No. 2, and some installations where waste gases are burned together with natural gas as a main flame.


Operating Voltage: 300 VDC ±25 VDC

Operating Current: 2 mA Max

Sensitivity: 120 CPS

Background Noise: < 20 CPM

Supply Wiring: 122 cm (6 ft.) shielded instrument cable with two #18 AWG conductors

Max Operating Distance: 200 feet total wire length

Ambient Temperature: –40° to +100°C (–40° to 212°F) (5004-01) -20° to +60°C (0° to 140°F) (5004-01 RA)

Shipping Weight: 3 lbs

Spectral Range: 180 to 250 nanometers

Note: A qualified technician must only perform any installation of this or other burner control devices. Incorrect installation can result faulty signal indications.


5004-01-UV Scanner Manual

5004-01-UV Scanner Cutsheet