5004-04FS Multifunctional Tester

The 5004-04FS is a multifunctional tester that simulates flame rod or UV scanner flame signals to all the major brands of combustion controls. It also provides a variable 4 to 20mA output level and can read 4-20mA at 5 signal levels indicated by LED’s on the front.

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The 5004-04FS Multifunctional Tester is a tool for testing and demonstrating the 5004-890 and the 5004-795 control units. It can also be used to test and demonstrate various UV sensors that can be connected to the tester via the external sensor connector on the left side of the tester. This tester consists of a 5004-890/795 wiring base connected to a switch and light box. The switch box has seven toggle switches and ten lights. The 5004-04FS also has built-in flame simulators to simulate a flame rod signal and an ultraviolet signal to the control.


5004-04FS Instruction Manual