5004 Panel Display

The 5004-216RN display is a panel mounted display for the 5004 Series Quanta-Flame Safeguard Controllers. It mount in a control panel through a 1/8 DIN mounting hole and is secured with the included mounting clips.

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During operation the display will indicate each step in the control sequence. When the main burner is in the run mode the flame signal level will be indicated in a range of 0 to 5 VDC. The display constantly refreshes itself with new information from the control. This refreshing is indicated by the slight periodic blink of the messages. During the trial for ignition period the display may show a blank line across the top row. This indicates the presences of an electrical noise field generated by the ignition circuit. This in no way affects the display or the control. The display will revert to the proper message when the electrical noise ends.



Enclosure: 1¾” H by 3½” L by 3” D (1/8th DIN)


Supply: 120VAC 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 2VA

Output: Relay Reset contact (15 Amps), communication cable to 5004 control


Class: NEMA 4 Membrane Front

Temperature Rating: 0°C to 140°C (0-20°F to 60°C).


5004 Panel Display Manual

5004 Panel Display Cutsheet