SCADA/Flex Distributed Control System

Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are designed to provide remote operation, graphic display of information, alarm message display, report generation, historical trending and remote controller tuning. The SCADA system can be networked to the boiler control and burner management systems. Our SCADA/FLEX Distributed Control System is a robust plant optimizing solution providing the ability to monitor and control plant wide processes from a single location.

  • Process visualization (HMI)
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Local or remote operating modes
  • Historical Trending
  • Overview and Features
  • Documents
Overview and Features

Our SCADA/Flex Control System Offers:

  • Process visualization (HMI)
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Local or remote operating modes
  • Historical Trending
  • Alarming, alarm management and printing
  • Report Generation and Printing (Option ‘-R’)
  • High performance networking (Ethernet & Fiber Optic optional)
  • Interface to Fireye and Honeywell Flame Safeguards (optional)
  • Development Software allows continued development on site (Option ‘-DS’)

Boiler Plant Data Promoting Optimization:

  • Energy usage computed by degree day 
  • Efficiency of the plant and each boiler 
  • Total steam generated by the plant and each boiler
  • Total fuel used by the plant and each boiler
  • Average cost of steam
  • Equipment cycle times and operating hours 
  • Condensate Temperature to help identify “blown trap”
  • Blowdown Monitoring
  • Make-up water flow vs. total feedwater or steam flow
  • Flue Gas Oxygen vs. Setpoint Monitoring, etc


Boiler Diagnostics:

  • Boiler control and flame safeguard alarm and equipment status information are presented both graphically and on alarm and event summaries, thereby aiding in the troubleshooting of the cause of trips and potential trips
  • Remote equipment monitoring allows for preventative maintenance. Problems can be evaluated centrally to allow technicians to come properly equipped to the remote site

Unsurpassed Availability:

  • Preferred PCC-IV and PWC controllers provides continued plant operation in the event of a Control Network and/or SCADA shutdown
  • Multiple SCADA Servers provide continued Central Control Room operation in the event of a SCADA shutdown
  • Dedicated boiler controllers provide continued remote and local operation of unaffected boilers in the event of a single controller shutdown

Lower Installation and Commissioning Cost:

  • Controller Tuning Screens and Historical Trending tools help speed commissioning
  • Controllers and I/O wiring are located near the equipment to save installation cost

Other Features

  • SCADA/Flex is a Robust Plant Optimizing Solution
  • Overview Graphic
  • Open Architecture for Third Party Applications (optional)
  • Historical Trending
  • Report Generation (Option ‘-R’)
  • Centralized Plant Operation-Local Controlsv

SCADA Flex Distributed Control Specification

SCADA Flex Distributed Control Brochure

SCADA Flex Distributed Control Cutsheet