Fuel Oil Additives and Treatments

Used in conjunction with the Preferred PF series of automatic fuel oil filtration sets, these fuel oil additives can help break up water droplets and disperse sludge to improve filtration efficiency, increase boiler and engine performance, and increase overall reliability. Removing unwanted water from fuel tanks helps prevent corrosion, prevent leaks, and lengthen tank life. When ordered with the CA-1 option, Preferred filtration systems will store and automatically inject measured quantities of fuel additives to help keep tanks free of sludge and water buildup.


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Tank Protector
Our best all-in-one fuel oil treatment controls waxing and gelling, disperses water, cleans pumps and filter elements, prevents corrosion, and reduces boiler and engine smoke. A one pint can treats 275 gallons of oil.


Oil Dehydrator
Fuel tank water dispersant. Improves the efficiency of coalescing water filtration systems by breaking up large water particles. Water enters fuel oil tanks due to condensation, storm water leaks, or as part of the delivered fuel. Since sludge typically forms at the oil-water boundary, removing water from the tank greatly reduces bio-sludge formation. Removing water from fuel oil tanks also inhibits tank corrosion. One quart treats 275 gallons.

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