Cross Flow Steam Heaters

Cross Flow Heaters are steam to oil exchangers designed to provide a dependable and economical means of preheating fuel oil.

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Standard Construction includes carbon steel shell, cast iron heads, steel tubes and steel tube sheets. The U-type bundle is easily removed by disengaging a single set of flange bolts. Heaters are designed for a maximum 150 PSIG working pressure on the steam side and a maximum 250 PSIG pressure on the oil side.


Steam/oil heaters are used to heat heavy oils to lower the viscosity of the oil so they can be burned in boilers, ovens, and kilns.

Steam flows through the tubes of these heaters. Oil is pumped through the shell and over and under a series of baffles that direct the oil across the tube bundle. The resultant turbulence assures maximum utilization of heat transfer surfaces. Installation should be on the discharge side of the oil pump. Continuous circulation of the oil must be assured whenever steam is being admitted to the heater. A Model R Relief valve must be installed on the oil side of each heater to protect against oil pressure buildup due to thermal expansion.

  • Constructed of a Carbon Steel Shell, Cast Iron Heads, Steel Tubes and Steel Tube Sheets
  • Designed for a Maximum 150 psi Working Pressure Steam Side, 250 psi Oil Side
  • Oil Heating Range From 35 to 4400 GPH
  • U Type Tube Bundle Permits Easy Removal for Cleaning or Replacement

Cross Flow Steam Heater Specification

Cross Flow Steam Heater Cutsheet