Horizontal Spill Containers

The Model 2 Horizontal Spill Containers provide a building outside wall termination point for fuel oil storage tank fill lines that contains any oil spilled when disconnecting the delivery fitting.

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Construction:  The Model 2 Horizontal Spill Container is a NEMA 4 rated moisture proof enclosure.  The box material is continuously seam welded stainless steel (or Carbon steel).  The door is fully gasketed, utilizing a three point latch and locking handle.  The interior is prime coated and painted with a durable white enamel to aid in visual product leak inspection.  Total leak containment is 5 U.S. gallons.  The Model 2 Spill Container is available in flush mounting, surface mounting and free standing arrangements.  Flush mounted units are equipped with a 2" x 2" x ¼" mounting flange to facilitate installation.  Surface mounted units are provided with mounted tabs in lieu of the flange and free standing units are provided with two (2) 2" NPT couplings welded to the cabinet bottom to be mounted on pipe stands (pipe stands not included with unit).

The Model 2 Spill Container is often mounted in direct sun light.  Fuel oil vapors can be generated from the sun heating the spill container.  All components mounted inside the container are explosion proof rated to be suitable for this environment.

Options:  The Model 2 Horizontal Spill Container may be ordered with Overfill Alarm Station features.  The spill container interfaces with the Preferred TG-EL-D3 Tank Gauge to include a high level alarm that alerts the filling operator that the tank is filled to its predetermined capacity.  When an overfill alarm occurs, the alarm bell (or horn) sounds and the alarm light flashes.  The bell is automatically silenced in 90 seconds or instantly silenced when the operator selects the “Alarm Silence” pushbutton.  The alarm automatically resets when liquid level goes below the overfill alarm setpoint.

A Model FA-S Fil-A-Larm sign is mounted on the interior of the door to alert fuel transfer personnel of the presence of the Fil-A-Larm System.


The Preferred Horizontal Spill Container is flush-mounted into an exterior wall of the building over the main storage tank fill pipe. Used in conjunction with a high liquid level switch, the spill container contains an explosion-proof horn that alerts the driver when the tank is 90% full. An optional tank level display indicates the oil volume in gallons. The integral enclosure contains at least 5 gallons of spilled fuel. A free-standing version is also available.

Junction Box For Type 2 and Type 3 (1 Tank)

The Preferred Utilities Part Number 190126 is a Junction Box used to interface either the Model 2 or Model 3 Spill Container with a single normally closed “float style” high level switch (HLS or PLS-1.) The 190126 provides the following sequence: Should an Overfill condition occur (“float style” switch contact opens) the 190126 will energize the Remote Overfill Alarm cabinet horn and light. The Overfill alarm may be silenced at the remote alarm panel by depressing the Alarm Silence Push-button (ASPB). If the alarm silence is not depressed, the Overfill Alarm bell will automatically silence after 90 seconds, but the light will stay illuminated until the oil level drops below the high level setting. Once the level of oil drops below the overfill setting the 190126 will de-energize the Remote Overfill Alarm Light.

Note: The 190126 Junction Box does not operate the remote volumetric displays of Model 2 and Model 3 Spill Containers. A Preferred Utilities Tank Gauge must be used in order to use that feature

  • NEMA 4 Rated Moisture Proof Enclosure
  • Available In Carbon Steel Or Stainless Steel
  • Available In Flush Mount, Surface Mount, and Free Standing Arrangements

Horizontal Spill Container Specification

Horizontal Spill Container Cutsheet

Horizontal Spill Container Drawing