Foot Valve Extractor Fitting

The Model 233FV Foot Valve Extractor Fitting permits easy removal and reinstallation of our single and double poppet foot valves.

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Overview and Features

The Model 233-FV Foot Valve Extractor Fitting permits easy removal and reinstallation of the Model 22 Double Poppet Foot Valves orModel 900 Single Poppet Foot Valves sizes smaller than 1½". The removable access cap is gasket sealed to prevent loss of prime due to air leakage.

  • Permits Easy Removal and Reinstallation of Single and Double Poppet Foot Valves
  • Gasket Sealed Removable Access Cap
  • Optional Extractor Wrench

Furnish and install at the tank suction stub exit the Model 233-FV Foot Valve Extractor Fitting. If the riser pipe is extended to grade, protect the installation with a Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation 4" Model W Watertight Fill Box. The foot valve extractor fitting shall be a Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation, Danbury, CT, Model 233-FV.


Bottom Thread: 4" NPT For Connection To Tank Entrance Fitting

Top Thread: 4" For A Riser Pipe To Grade (if required)

Inlet: 1½" NPT Suction Stub

Outlet: 1½" NPT

Maximum clear I.D. through the valve: 2 ⅞"  


Foot Valve Extractor Fitting Specification

Foot Valve Extractor Fitting Cutsheet