FlexFill Pump

The Preferred FlexFill Pump package is designed for pumped filling of single or multiple tank systems. It includes the Preferred FSC controller that can communicate to other controllers in a fuel system via the two channel redundant NodeNet system, and communicate to building automation systems via Ethernet or BacNet IP.

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The FlexFill Pump allows for filling ground level or elevated fuel oil tanks from a gravity truck. It interfaces with tank gauges and leak detectors to close fill valves and energize an alarm horn when the tank reaches high level or a leak is detected. Using tank selector valves, one FlexFill Pump fill box can fill up to four separate tanks. In jurisdictions that require a "dry" fill pipe, the containment basin can be sized to be greater than the volume of the fill pipe.


Color Touchscreen HMI

The FlexFill Pump can be provided with a 4” color touchscreen Operator Interface Terminal. (OIT) If the FlexFill Pump is supplied stand-alone, the OIT will display tank levels for connected tanks, and status of leak detectors and flow switches. If supplied as part of a larger Preferred system, the FlexFill Pump OIT can provide information on the entire fuel system.

Building Automation System Interface

The 4” color touchscreen OIT acts as a gateway and provides Modbus RS-485, Ethernet, or BacNet IP communication of all Modbus register addresses in all the connected FSC controllers to an external building automation system or distributed control system. 


FlexFill Pump packages include:

  • Fuel pump
  • Lockable NEMA 4 enclosure available in carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Alarm horn
  • Integral spill containment
  • Containment basin leak detector
  • Preferred FSC microprocessor controller

The integral FSC controller includes hard-wire interfaces to typical fuel system devices including:

  • Tank level gauges
  • Leak detectors
  • Flow switches
  • Tank selector valves

In addition, the FSC controller within the FlexFill Pump enclosure can be put on the redundant NodeNet digital network to interface with transfer pump controllers, day tank controllers, and filtration controllers. All information on the NodeNet network is accessible by all controllers on the network.


FlexFill Pump Specification

FlexFill Pump Cutsheet