Fluimatic System

Preferred’s solution to the problem of uniform oil flow at different viscosities is embodied in the famous Voluvalve and equalizing valve, integrated into one heated oil reservoir.

This combination is the heart of the Fluimatic system.

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The Fluimatic system is a dual pump and Voluvalve oil metering system that has proved effective in thousands of Preferred type BHE rotary burners the world over. This outstanding pumping-metering system is now available for:

•Other Rotary Burners

•Burners of other Designs


The Fluimatic system not only meters the oil regardless of physical changes, but also ensures dependable burner start even when insufficient oil supply would cause failure at start-up.

Eliminating variations in oil delivery from changes in oil viscosities and pressure, eliminates smoke and reduces air pollution caused by improper oil burning. In addition, average boiler efficiencies are greatly increased, and the yearly cost of cleaning boilers is greatly reduced.


Fluimatic System Specification

Fluimatic System Cutsheet