Cattlechute Strongback


The Preferred Engineering Cattlechute Strongback is a NUREG-0612 and ANSI N14.6 compliant polished stainless-steel structural lifting weldment that can be designed with either an integral hook box or lift lugs for station sling use. The Cattlechute Strongback utilizes pneumatic cylinders to operate lift pins thus increasing the ALARA benefits. Pneumatic cylinder replacement is quick and easy for maintenance dose savings.   


  • Improves safety by allowing rigging to be connected at the floor elevation without the use of scaffold, ladders, harnesses etc… 

  • Reduces dose since no personnel are required in the cavity  

  • Reduces critical path time by allowing off critical path preparation of rigging.  

  • Reduces the time spent during the installment and removal of the Cattle Chute.  

  • Allows the removal of the Cattle Chute prior to draining of the cavity to save critical path time.  

  • Designed with visual indicators to verify lug pin position.  

  • Allows easy operation through the pneumatic control panel.