Cavity Stairs 


Preferred Engineering has designed and fabricated Cavity Stairs for unique station needs. Stationary Cavity Stairs are designed as straight, spiral or switchback staircases connecting the Refuel Floor with the Cavity Floor. Floating Cavity Stairs are designed to allow ladder access to the Cavity Floor and are equipped with a  buoyancy tank located which causes the stairs to float as the cavity is filled with water, allowing the stairs to avoid of the contamination. 


  • Improved safety over climbing ladders. 

  • Allows easy access to the Equipment Pit and Reactor Cavity Floor.  

  • Components of the Stairs can be anodized upon request. 

  • Optional engineering of the Floating Cavity Stairs mechanically assisted ladder actuation on the landing area.  

  • Stationary Cavity Stairs can be segmented to allow for easier installation.