Self-Contained Fuel Inspection Work Cell 


The Preferred Engineering Fuel Inspection Work Cell is a complete system built around a standard OEM stand that the plants have on the refuel floor. The complete design consolidates several handling and inspection activities in one work cell.  


  • Integrated grapple lifts channel and installs without the need for overhead crane.  

  • Eliminates safety issues when connecting the fuel to the crane. 

  • Eliminates a safety concerns working off of the three-sided fuel stand. 

  • Reduces the fuel inspection crew size due to the consolidated cell concept. 

  • Eliminates the channel lift rope to the roof of the building. 

    • Eliminates conflict with the crane. 
    • Eliminates the rope-tugger or ceiling hoist personnel. 
    • Improves overall safety. 
  • Reduced fuel inspection time; cut from 8 weeks to 5 weeks per typical delivery.