Shroud Head Bolt Wrench 


The Preferred Engineering Shroud Head Bolt wrench assembly is a 3-piece system designed to eliminate overhead crane use normally required for assembly / disassembly thus allowing this tool to be staged and demobilized off crane critical path. The sections are fitted with secure and industry proven J-Slot style connections and include additional anti-rotation protection ensuring connections do not loosen during use. The Shroud Bolt Wrench set also comes with a 1-piece Stainless Steel exercising wrench made to allow spring cup cycling while the Steam Separator is in the equipment pit.  

Wrench assembly length can be modified by substituting only 1 piece to allow for use in multiple units or across multiple sites. The sockets of the wrenches can be made of either stainless steel or aluminum depending on the station’s needs. The optional storage box protects the SHB components from unnecessary damage and prevents loss of components. 


  • Provided with an integral Hex for high torque application.  

  • Engineered wet weight allows for station specific spring cup compression force. 

  • Includes a square drive for direct torque wrench use.  

  • Designed with rest collars allowing for staging on the Support Stations without the need to secure the poles with clamps.