Spent Fuel Gate


The Preferred Engineering Spent Fuel Pool Gate is a polished stainless steel weldment. Preferred has designed standard Gates as well as developed a new Self-latching Gate design that eliminates the extensive and radiologically challenging field work required to drill and install new hinge plates and latch retainers that come with typical spent fuel pool gates. To accommodate wall flatness tolerances the latch bars have removable contact pads which will allow for variations in the wall as well as future concrete expansion.  


  • Standard Gates are economical and designed to utilize static compression seals.  

  • Self-latching Gate uses only one inflatable seal with no seal carriage.  

    • Provided Davit arm can be used to install the gate, so a crane pick is not required.  
    • Provided Wall Bracket to hang the Gate on the wall while not installed.  

    • Reduces dose received by technicians while installing the Gate.