Work Platform/In-Vessel Inspection Platform 


The Work Platform is designed to mimic the RPV ID and provide access to the space between the reactor pressure vessel (RPV) wall and the reactor shroud. The Platform is designed to allow movement of fuel while installed.  


  • Stainless steel and aluminum assembly for ease of decontamination.   

  • Can be installed with one crane lift. 

  • Can be assembled on the reactor shield blocks off critical path. 

  • The work tub bottom is designed to minimize crud traps and ease decontamination. 

  • Optional integrated hose and cable routing ensures a clean working area and prevents tripping hazards. 

  • Optional integral Jib Hoists can be designed to roll along the inner circumference providing maximum flexibility for handling inspection equipment.  

  • Easily assembled – easily stored either as a unit or as sections.