Dryer/Separator Strongback 


The Preferred Engineering Dryer / Separator Strongback is a polished Stainless Steel weldment with specialized end sockets that adapt to the Dryer and Separator lifting lug locations. The Dryer/Separator Strongback utilizes pneumatic cylinders to operate both the integral Hookbox pins and the end lug pins. Control can be grouped, or individual based on station preference.   


  • Tubing / Hoses are routed for maximum protection. 

  • Fully polished Stainless Steel surface decontaminates quickly and easily. 

  • No welds need to be stripped of paint for inspections.  

  • Load test frame allows for compliance with NUREG-0612 and ANSI N14.6 while eliminating tedious NDE examinations of critical welds. 

  • Add options to lift the Drywell Head and Head Insulation Package with integrated lift points. 

  • Pneumatic cylinder replacement is quick and easy for maintenance dose savings.