Cavity Lift


The Preferred Engineering Cavity Lift is a temporary manlift designed to transport 1,000lbs of personnel and material from the Refuel Floor to the Cavity Floor. Designed with two mechanically independent and completely redundant lift cables ensures safe and reliable transport of personnel while eliminating the strain of climbing ladders. The Cavity Lift provides a safe and easy access to the cavity and minimizes the potential for heat stress and ladder accidents related to the additional protective clothing that cavity workers are sometimes required to wear.


  • Offers improved safety from heat stress and falls by eliminating the use of Cavity Ladders.
  • Eliminates small crane picks to transport tooling.
  • Can be installed with one crane pick.
  • Operational in less than 30 minutes.
  • Manual operation allows for raising the Lift Cab should automated controls become unavailable.
  • The Control Console is engineered to provide operator feedback for quick safety interlock verification and lift ready status.