Modular Shielding Walls & Vaults 


Using advanced design and engineering techniques, Preferred Engineering is able to offer engineered wall systems and vaults for maximum shielding; all of which are designed to be fitted to the plants specific size, shape and shielding requirements.  

These shielding systems are made of high density concrete panels and are easily modified or relocated as the plants needs change. The Vault interiors can be fitted with sloped floors and liner plates to contain leakage. The Preferred Engineering Modular Shielding walls and Vaults are perfect for “hot” material storage, radiation containment, and shielding for occupied space.  


  • Vaults and walls are designed to meet your seismic criteria. 

  • Interlocking joints provide stability and minimize shine. 

  • Integral Lifting Lugs for easy transportation and installation.  

  • Vaults can be engineered to accept a variety of door types. 

  • Electrical and utility pass-thru accommodations.  

  • Catalyzed epoxy finish available.