Portable Cavity Shield Frame 


Preferred Engineering was challenged to create an ALARA zone within a hot RCA. Working with the stations’ ALARA team we developed a mobile ALARA waiting zone. The Frame is designed to be loaded with the lead blankets in a convenient low dose area. Once loaded the Frame can be lifted as a unit and positioned on the upper cavity wing wall.  


  • The Cavity Shield Frame is made of stainless steel.  

  • Clearance under the channels is 80” – standard doorway clearance. 

  • The design includes two channels at the top of the Frame for handling the fully loaded (or empty) Frame with a fork truck.  

  • Plant supplies lead blankets are arranged and hung from the two horizontal rails (2 layers offset by 6”) and secured using plant approved ty-wraps.  

  • Included Integral Stainless Steel Lifting Bridle for lifting of the fully loaded Frame.  

  • Catalyzed epoxy finish available.