RPV Shield Door Assembly 


Preferred Engineering designed the RPV Shield Door Assembly that is designed to fit into the existing reactor shroud door openings and mate with the rear flanges of the RPV Shroud “I-Beams”. Each door is fabricated with overlapping vertical and horizontal seams to prevent shine through the door margins.  


  • Assembly can be installed in under five minutes. 

  • Existing shroud door will still close the Shield Door in place. 

  • Installation of the Door Assembly DOES NOT require personnel to stand in front of the shroud opening for extended periods of time compared to the build in place option. 

  • Door Assembly does not interfere with the plant’s “deer stand”. 

  • Door Assembly securely locks in place with a simple lever mechanism. 

  • All door margins are shielded. 

  • The rear of the I-beams are additionally shielded by the full-length locks. 

  • Front Door hasps can be added to the bottom door to allow locking for radiation control.