Transport Cask 


The Preferred Engineering Transport Cask is a non-DOT rated Lead lined transport container designed to safely move loaded High Integrity Containers inside the Protected Area. Preferred offers various options including painted carbon steel construction, polished stainless steel constructions, with a variety of Lead shielding options, from Lead BB’s, interlocking chevron Lead bricks or hot Lead casting.  


  • Increased shielding with thicker Lead walls than standard DOT casks.  

  • Liners allow for smaller HIC transport. 

  • Shielding shall be assured by use of Lead with a purity conforming to ASTM B29 for 99.94% minimum purity Lead.  

  • Custom Lowboy Trailer for transportation is fully DOT compliant for sharing between sites. 

  • Optional Custom Lid Lifting Strongback. 

  • Remote Lid Retentions optional.