Cavity Floor Covers


Preferred Engineering’s fast action cam toggles and lightweight aluminum design offers stations the speed, reliable sealing, and safe handling alternative to OEM hatch covers. Designed to seal inside the opening with dual seals the Floor Plugs offer immediate leak free installation verification as well as secondary sealing under the top flange. The total actuation time for the Cavity Cover Floor Plugs is under 10 minutes per plug. Reducing the dose of workers and increasing the safety on the plant floor.


  • No RTV needed to create the seal.
  • No RTV cure time.
  • No RTV cleanup.
  • Reduce dose due to reduced installation time, and no cleanup.
  • Dual Seal.
  • Seals inside your present opening without modification.
  • Lightweight – even large Covers can be manually carried and installed./li>
  • On the spot verifiable - test-between-the-seals can be done immediately and adjustments made on the spot for a leak free installation.