Custom Covers  


The Preferred Engineering Covers are constructed from polished stainless steel for easy decontamination, and offers a unique design which includes our Quick-Lock© Toggle Bolt System. Our custom engineered seals will provide reliable and repeatable sealing of large irregular openings. 

Products Include:  

  • Sand Box Covers 

  • NI Box Covers 

  • Inspection Hatch Covers 

  • ERCD Covers 

  • Ex Core and Blow Out Covers 


  • Proven design 

  • Reduced Critical Path  

  • Reduced exposure – reduced installation time 

  • Reliable Sealing - means no draindown to locate leaks 

  • No RTV required 

  • No Cure time 

  • Easy to remove and cleanup 

  • Easy to install- No torqueing- no bolt tightening pattern. 

  • Reusable Seals and Toggle Bolts