Custom Seals 


Preferred Engineering has a long history of designing and manufacturing custom seals for generating stations. We focus on cost effective, easily installed seals with a long operational life. Preferred routinely replaces problematic seals that have a history of leaking and effectively overcomes irregularities with sealing surfaces. Seals can be molded, extruded or bonded from extruded lengths to provide seals that can meet the rigors of outage use and withstand seismic forces. Seals can be re-designed for increased ease of installation and increased resilience over existing seals.  

Products Include: 

  • Gate Seals 

  • Inspection Hatch Seals 

  • Isolation Valve Seals 


  • Easy to install 

  • Numerous material options; EPDM, Silicone, BUNA-N, etc… 

  • Low halogen content options 

  • No RTV type sealants 

  • No post use cleanup 

  • Reliable sealing time after time 

  • Reusable seal