Jet Pump Riser Plug (Transition Plug) 


The Preferred Engineering Jet Pump Riser Plug (Transition Plug) is composed of an anodized aluminum and stainless steel body with thick self-compensating EPDM seal(s). Preferred supplies two versions of Riser Plug - Dual Seal and Single Seal. The Dual Seal design consists of one plug that seals both riser openings at one time. The Single seal design consists of plugs that seal one riser opening each thus eliminating the need to remove both risers.  


  • Can be supplied as safety related.  

  • Dual Seal design isolates the dual riser openings with one plug. 

  • Installs from the Refuel Bridge with the Jet Pump Grapple or Light Duty Pole. 

  • Can be fitted with a ½ to 1” vent hose. 

  • Installs in 30 minutes.  

  • Includes Jacking Screw to aid in removal.