Jet Pump Plugs 


Preferred Engineering has been designing and supplying Jet Pump Plugs (JPP) since 1983. We have continuously improved the design and have supplied JPP to more than 13 nuclear power plants, with hundreds of successful installations.  

Our Jet Pump Plug is designed as an electropolished stainless steel weldment with Anodized Aluminum body specially designed to seal the Jet Pump mixer nozzle. They are qualified as Safety Related isolation barriers with a full Seismic and Structural Analysis included in the engineering design. Our JPP is equally suited for chemical decontamination isolation and is designed to isolate against a positive nozzle side pressure.  


  • Models for both singe and 5-nozzle jet Pump mixers. 

  • Specialty I/R Tool firmly engages the JPP for secure handling and ease of installation. 

  • Emergency Release Clevis allows JPP to be removed in the event of component failure.  

  • Lift Bail Weldments corral the I/R Tool at hex screw locations reducing operator frustration and reduces installation/removal time.  

  • Air challenge tools provide instant verification that a complete seal is obtained and eliminate time consuming subjective video confirmation views.