Reactor Water Storage Tank (RWST) Plug 


The Preferred Engineering Reactor Water Storage Tank Plug (RWST) has two basic designs, the Manually Actuated Plug, and the Passive Spring Actuated Plug. The Manually Actuated RWST Plug has a stainless steel fabricated body and EPDM seal which is designed to be actuated by either a compression nut or the PE Quick Lock Toggles. The Passive Spring Actuated RWST Plug is a stainless steel assembly that requires a compressed air to de-actuate the seal for installation/removal but passively maintains the plug seal once compressed air is removed.  


  • Fitted with Vent connections that prevent the Plug from being expelled from the nozzle due to built up line pressure.  

  • Plug is provided as Safety Related.  

  • Has an estimated installation time of 15-20 minutes.