Spent Fuel Pool Suction Strainer Cover 


The Preferred Engineering Spent Fuel Pool Suction Strainer Cover is a stainless steel weldment designed to provide a positive means of isolating the spent fuel pool piping system. The Strainer Cover is complete with a seal, compression ring, maneuvering handles, integral safety cable lugs, and a backfill valve.  


  • Positive Seal-Requires no air pressure.  

  • Plug is remotely installed. 

  • Installation takes less than 30 minutes. 

  • Backfill valve operated with 90֯ turn. 

  • Same tool used for seal actuation and valve operation. 

  • Included dual safety cables. 

  • Electropolished and easily decontaminated. 

  • Seal replacement accomplished in minutes with only a flat bar.