Valve Housekeeping Plug 


Preferred Engineering was challenged to engineer and fabricate a Plug designed to prevent water from interfering with a welding operation while permitting extraction from a reduced diameter pipeline. Preferred designed the Valve Housekeeping Plug to be operated as follows:  

  1. Valve Housekeeping Plug is installed 

  1. Reducing Elbow is welded 

  1. Plug is disassembled in the pipeline and extracted through Reducing Elbow with attached lanyards 

The Valve Housekeeping Plug drains minor amounts of water leaking past the valve gate to the outside while the Plug is installed. This plug does not see any pressure during installation.  


  • Polished stainless steel assembly for easy decontamination. 

  • Silicone rubber seal has high temperature resistance.  

  • Sectioned pieces to be removed individually when welding is complete.