RPV Head Lift Rig  (Carousel) 


The Preferred Engineering’s RPV Head Lift Rig (Carousel) is an augmented design of the RPV Head Strongback to allow leveling of the RPV Head while the load is being supported. The three legs of the Lift Rig interface with the three RPV Head lugs. The monorail ring supports the tensioners and the circular Nut Storage Rack, suspended by 8 cables from the monorail, stores the RPV nuts, washers. Our Carousel offers the ability to lift the RPV Head/Tensioner carousel with the RPV nuts and washers.  One lift of the Lift Rig/Carousel eliminates the need to make multiple lifts with individual devices, thereby saving critical path time. 


  • Reduces critical path activities. 

  • Reduced dose. 

  • Integral Carousel/Head Lift Rig designed to meet NUREG-0612  

  • Head leveling capabilities  

  • Hook Box with pneumatically operated pins   

  • Air-operated tractor with trolley connectors to move the tensioners in unison from stud to stud