Shield Block Remote Lifting Strongback 


The Preferred Engineering Shield Block Remote Lifting Strongback eliminates the manual rigging of the lower blocks by RXS personnel who require the use of ladders and fall protection. For ease of operation the lift sockets are designed to “float” giving them the ability to adjust to variations in block lift lug locations. The design employs a unique cylinder / pin connection that allows the pin to “float” radially +/- ¼”. This eliminates the problems associated with precise pin/cylinder alignment to prevent pin binding during engagement. 


  • Structure made of polished stainless steel. 

  • Hookbox to connect to the main hook. 

  • Pneumatically actuated lift lug pins – individual or group control. 

  • The Pin/Cylinder operation is monitored by vivid indicators.  

  • Significantly reduces dose for operators.