Fuel Transfer Tube Closure System (FTTCS)

Preferred Engineering’s Fuel Transfer Tube Closure System (FTTCS) holds the US Patent 9685245 and is specifically designed to cut Critical Path time and reduce dose dramatically by eliminating worker entry into the deep cavity. The installation of the FTTCS results in increased worker safety, involves no double plastics, and reduces the risk of heat exhaustion. We have successfully installed this system at 2 units in the US with 60” flange diameters.


  • Complete stainless steel design for easy decontamination.
  • System does not require any modification to the existing fuel transfer tube flange.
  • Passive design requires no power to the flange while installed. >
  • Installation and removal is done from the refuel floor.
  • The hydraulics use demineralized water as the working fluid.
  • All maintenance performed on the refuel floor.